Vox.com / Good Judgment Project

An article on Vox.com about my work with the Good Judgment Project at the University of Pennsylvania. Specifically I made all of the plots in this article.

Map Art in R!

Art Maps... in R!

A tutorial to create an art map completely in R using all freely avialable resources. I created this for a meetup talk I gave on 6/15/15 for the GeoPhilly meetup group.

Car Crime!

Car Crime!

What are the 5 least safe blocks to leave your car in South Philly?

sintel snowscape

Temple U. Presentation

Here are the slides from a presentation I gave at Temple on model free variable seleciton.

sintel snowscape

Water Grants

PWD gives grants to improve / green water run-off. Who is getting them? How does South Philly stack up?

sintel wallpaper ishtar

Roofdeck Map / Azavea / Open Data Philly

My map won a prize! That's cool.

Streamline responsive one page portfolio

Roof decks city wide

Looking at roof decks as a way to measure neighborhood developtment.

ishtar alley

Roofdecks in South Philly

Who has them? Where? How much? Watch the spread of roofdecks.

sintel town concept

Running in South Philly

Using the Map My Run API (now owned by Under Armour) to map logged runs in South Philly.

sintel town concept

2013 JSM Poster Prize

My *award winning* poster from the 2013 Joint Statistical Meeitngs + a Shiny App to go with it.